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Cycle testing of fire doors

In line with its ongoing commitment to developing new products and verifying changes in designs, materials and construction methods, Pyropanel Developments has developed a cyclic test rig enabling full sized fire doors to be tested. This new testing apparatus complements the door-sized pilot fire furnace used to fire test prototype designs. The primary goals of cycle testing complete fire doors are to make sure that they can withstand the operational forces endured throughout their life cycle, as well as maintain their performance requirements in preventing the spread of fire.

Fire Rated Frame Filling consolidated into one approval

The requirement of whether back filling of frames is required or not has been on the agenda for some time now. In 2015, Pyropanel took a position to only recommend that all pressed metal door frames are backfilled. Whilst this provided direction to instilling industry best practices, it did create more questions as to how to properly back fill a frame as per fire test and how that frame is connected to the walling system. This is becoming a significant compliance issue on new projects.