Pyropanel Life Safety and Smoke Doors


All Pyropanel Fire Doors comply with the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions of the National Code of Australia for Smoke Doors when fitted with smoke seals (Specification C3.4). However, only Life Safety Doors provide quantifiable smoke resistance.

Life Safety Doors (LSDs) are doorsets which have smoke leakage certification as tested to Australian Standards  AS1530.7, and which may also have certified fire ratings as tested to Australian Standards AS1530.4. In recent years the demand for "smoke doors" has increased, largely due to the proliferation of Fire Engineered buildings.  In many cases the doorset required by the Fire Engineer's design calls for both smoke and fire resistance. Only Life Safety Doors offer a tested and certified solution for smoke and smoke/fire applications in both single and pair door configurations.

Designers are now able to choose doorset models which offer 0, 30, 60 or 120 minute fire resistance PLUS tested smoke leakage rates to AS1530.7 or the requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia, Specification C3.4, so known (tested) data can be inserted in to the Fire Engineering model resulting in a higher level of confidence in the final design.  The selected doorset can be inserted by model number by the Fire Engineer, resulting in the correct type of door leaf, frame and seals being installed during construction.

Most Pyropanel Life Safety Doors also meet or exceed the NCC Part F5.5(b) requirement that all unit entry doors in Class 2 and 3 buildings must have an acoustic rating of not less than 30 Rw. Please check the details for the actual Rw for each model.

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Techsheet FRL Smoke Perimeter seals Floor seals
Pyropanel & other seals
LSD-0-CMS  - / - / - C/M RP78Si RP99Si
LSD-0-CMSEU  - / - / - C/M Euroseal RP38Si
LSD-30-CMS -/30/30 C/M RP78Si RP99Si
LSD-30-CMSEU -/30/30 C/M Euroseal RP38Si
LSD-30-CMHS -/30/30 C/M/H RP78Si+ PFS2003 RP99Si
LSD-30-CMHSEU -/30/30 C/M/H Euroseal+ PFS2003 RP38Si
LSD-60-CMS -/60/30 C/M RP78Si RP99Si
LSD-60-CMSEU -/60/30 C/M Euroseal RP38Si
LSD-60-CMHS -/60/30 C/M/H RP78Si+ PFS2003 RP99Si
LSD-60-CMHSEU -/60/30 C/M/H Euroseal+ PFS2003 RP38Si
Lorient seals
LSD-30-60-120-CM-Lorient Up to -/120/30 C/M LAS1212 LAS8001si
LSD-30-60-120-CMH-Lorient Up to -/120/30 C/M/H LAS1812LSS LAS8001HSS

Note: C=Cold, M=Medium (200 degrees) tested. H=inclusion of intumescent Hot smoke seals. Seals indicated are default arrangement - please refer to tech sheet for other seal combinations and leakage data.