Pyropanel Frames and Building-In Details


The following technical data sheets show the various frame types available to suit Pyropanel fire doors including steel frames, 1hr timber frames, MDF frames, and also the methods that are approved to fix frames to various wall types. Information is also provided to show how to rectify excessive gaps around Pyropanel fire doors.

All frames should be built in true and square, and all frames must be sealed back to the fire rated wall using Pyropanel fire rated acrylic sealant (see Passive product range).  Approved wall types include: Masonry, steel and timber stud plaster board, Boral IntRwall Shaftliner systems, Speedpanel Walls, Hebel Walls and Concrete blocks.

Please note that not all doors are approved in every wall type, so please discuss your particular requirements with your local licensed Pyropanel distributor. If you have a wall type that is not listed, or if you requrie further information on fixing methods, please do not hesitate to contact Pyropanel directly, or any of the licensed Pyropanel distributors listed on this website.

Click on Techsheet links to download full product data.

Tech sheet Tech sheet description
BUILD-01 Building in details for Plasterboard walls
BUILD-02 Building in details for Masonry walls
BUILD-02B Building in details for Speedpanel Walls
BUILD-03 Rectification of excessive gaps
BUILD-04 Door Installation Guidelines
BUILD-05 Building in details for Boral IntRwall shaftliner walls
BUILD-06 Building in details for Askin Volcore mineral core walls
FRAME-01 NON fire rated steel door frames
FRAME-02 FIRE RATED steel door frames
FRAME-02B FIRE RATED 'Slide-in' Frames for Speedpanel Walls
FRAME-03 FIRE RATED Euroseal door frames
FRAME-04 1 hr timber fire rated door frames
FRAME-05 1 hr MDF fire rated frames
FRAME-06 Methods for upgrading non fire rated frames