Pyropanel Acoustic Doors


Pyropanel Acoustic doors are available in a range of Rw ratings up to 50 Rw, and are available in both fire and non fire rated models.

Pyropanel Acoustic doors have been tested for acoustic resistance by various different independent testing laboritories, and the results of these tests are listed below. Most Pyropanel acoustic doors have perimeter and bottom seals which meet the NCC/BCA specification for smoke doors some have additional smoke testing to Australian Standards and come with Life Safety Door compliance.  Life Safety Doors are door leaf / seal combinations that have been tested to AS1530.7 for smoke leakage.

Pyropanel Acoustic doors can be installed in either timber jambs (subject to fire resitance requirements) or steel frames that are filled with an approved packing material.  Because acoustic performance is very reliant on the correct installation of the door leaf and door seals, it is recommended that all work be carried out by a licensed Pyropanel representative.

Click on Techsheet links to download full product data.

Techsheet Rw FRL
Single Doors    
30 -/60/30
AS-30-PAN 30 -/60/30
AS-30-FRB-E 30 -/120/30 
AS-31-FRB 31 -/120/30
AS-33-FRB 33 -/120/30
AS-38-PAC 38 -
AS-40-PAC 40 -
AS-FRB-B 37 -/120/30
39 -/120/30
40 -/120/30
AS-44-PAC 44 -
45 -
45 -
47 -
AS-46-INTERCON 46 -/60/30
AS-INTERCON-A 50 -/120/30
AS-INTERCON-A2 50Rw+Ctr -/120/30
Pair Doors    
AP-30-PAN-E 30 -/60/30
AP-PAC-A  39 -
40  -
42  -