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New 1 hour Fire Rated and Acoustic Door

Pyropanel’s recently launched acoustic door is now available in a fire rated version.  Building designers and owners are keen to see an improved acoustic performance of their buildings to provide both privacy and functionality.  With the increase in higher density living, the lack of sound privacy is one of the major complaint. The often forgotten factor with noise is that if you can hear your neighbours, then they can probably hear you.  Building designers who reviewed our new acoustic door released three months ago, liked the reduced weight and the unique core. They challenged Pyropanel to develop a fire rated version, recognised under the NCC and tested to current fire test standards. Pyropanel is now in a position to release its fire rated acoustic door to complement its non-fire rated acoustic door.  This new release offers the next level of performance doors with an FRL achieving -/60/60 on the door leaf and frame.   

Pyropanel Glazed Timber Doors

To meet market demand for 1 hr timber fire doors with glazed areas larger than the standard vision panels (300 x 200mm or 600 x 100mm), Pyropanel has developed Half Lite and Full Lite glazed timber fire doors. The Pyropanel fire rated glazed timber door range offer a more cost effective way to achieve a higher level of light transmission and visibility through fire doors than steel glazed fire doors. These doors provide more options for building designers and fire engineers. Both door types are tested to AS 1530.4 for fire.

Lorient Seals approved on Pyropanel Life Safety Doors

Lorient, a leader in the supply of smoke, fire and acoustic seals, now has a range of products tested and approved for use on Pyropanel’s range of fire rated Life Safety Doors. This addition is significant as it provides building designers, fire engineers and acoustic consultant’s confidence that the combination of Pyropanel Fire Rated Life Safety Doors with selected Lorient seals have been tested to AS 1530.4 for fire, AS 1530.7 for smoke and AS 1191 and AS/NZS ISO 717-1 for acoustics.

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