MRTA Tunnel Project - Bangkok, Thailand


The MRTA project in Bangkok consisted of over 20 kilometres of tunnels and track, linking 18 underground rail stations, which was constructed by two Joint Venture organisations - ION JV and BCKT JV.

Approximately 50 different types of doorsets were required on the project. All fire doorsets were required to fully comply with BS 476 parts 20-22 for partially insulated doorsets. The range of approvals required was complex and included the following:

  • Steel and stainless steel single leaf and double leaf doorsets up to 2100(h) x 2400(w). Up to 3 hour fire rated.
  • Steel and stainless steel double doorsets with removable transoms up to 2700(h) x 2400(w). Up to 3 hour fire rated.
  • Large removable steel and stainless steel access panels with central mullions up to 3500(h) x 2700(w). Up to 3 hour fire rated.
  • Acoustic rated fire doorsets.
  • Various hardware types and functions.
    Doorsets could not contain combustible materials.
  • Smoke sealed fire doorsets.

This project was unique in Thailand insofar as all products and systems used were required to meet the highest International Standards. Building Protection Systems and Pyropanel Developments were selected as the principal suppliers of fire rated doorsets for the project because Pyropanel fire doorsets met all of the criteria required for the project.

Pyropanel Developments assisted Building Protection Systems by sending personnel to Bangkok to participate in direct discussions with various parties involved. Pyropanel also obtained a number of Letters of Assessment from BRANZ, which were required because of specific project requirements.

As final validation of the Pyropanel products, Building Protection Systems was required to manufacture a pair of stainless steel hinged fire doors, which were sent to New Zealand for BS 476 part 20-22 fire testing at BRANZ laboratories. The fire test was conducted in October 2001 and was witnessed by representatives from the MRTA and the BCKT JV. As expected the doorset passed the fire test with flying colours and achieved fire Resistance levels of 250 minutes integrity and 78 minutes insulation.