Cairns Convention Centre - Queensland


What's behind this door is truly remarkable. This sliding fire door represents the culmination of 24 years of design, testing and installation of fire resistant special purpose doorsets.

With a 45 STC design and a 2 hour rating, the biparting sliding fire doorset may add up to quite a mouthful - but that's when putting things simply.

Pyropanel, the company behind the door, believe it to be the most complicated fire doorset they've ever installed. Along with joint venture partners United Doormakers (Vic) Pty Ltd and Ausco Firestop (NQ) Pty Ltd it was designed for the Cairns Convention Centre with a list of requirements quite like no other.

An opening of 5 by 11.5 metres is now protected to a two-hour fire resistance level in accordance with AS1530.4 - 1997. It's space of such magnitude large vehicles retain access for delivery. In spite of the size though, the doorset maintains a nominal acoustic rating of 45 STC.

It has been designed with a host of usage features included. Full motorisation of both leaves is provided by a purpose built system operating off a 240V AC motor, with battery back up in the event of fire failure. The doorset then operates in two stages to prevent contact with obstacles in the travel path and was given a manual key override system to enable each door leaf to open fully.

Other features include photoelectric cells which transmit beams across each side of the opening. Any interruption of these beams will bring the leaves to a halt. Flashing lights and an audible alarm conform with the relevant Building Code Requirements and speed control is provided as required.

Finally, the door control system is linked to the Convention Centre's central control panel with limit switches provided to signal the central unit. Now all in all, whilst design could never be described as an open and shut case, the doorset has successfully addressed the unprecedented requirements presented in this large scale undertaking to exceed the expectations of all involved.

Pyropanel wish to thank the Queensland Government and Abi Group for their co-operation on this project.