Attorney General's Office - Melbourne


Another Australian First - A 30 minute glass sliding fire door was required for a stairwell at the Attorney General's office in Melbourne.

This fully certified -/30/- glass sliding door is flanked by -/60/- fixed side lites providing a transparent fire rated barrier.

This new system from Pyropanel uses 18mm Pilkington Pyrostop(TM) intumescent glass for the sliding door (the glass actually provides a full 30 minutes of both integrity and insulation, however the doorset is certified for integrity only), and 13mm Pilkington Pyrodur(TM) intumescent glass for the fixed glazing which provides more than 10 minutes of insulation protection as well as a full 1 hour of integrity protection, all housed in certified framing system from Forster AG.

Both Pilkington Pyrostop and Pyrodur also protect against radiation transmission, providing a safe passage for escaping occupants in the event of a fire. Normal transparent fire rated glazing such as wired glass allows more than 50% of radiant heat to pass through, resulting in temperatures over 400 degrees C on the non fire side.

For this project, the client used glass sliding doors throughout the building, and wanted to retain the look and practicality of sliding doors to protect the internal stair well. Pyropanel worked with the client, project architect, fire engineer and building surveyor to develop a certified solution that would achieve the fire protection level required.

This fantastic new product from Pyropanel adds to the already extensive range of special purpose doors and glazed fire rated products such as fixed lites, single and double acting doors.

Special thanks to Doorways (P/L) for assisting with the supply and installation of the fire rated KABA door mechanism, Forster AG for assisting with the design of the door, and United Doormakers (Vic) Pty Ltd for manufacturing and supplying the finished system.