Pyropanel Passive Products


Pyropanel Developments have developed a range of passive fire protection products that are designed to seal penetrations and maintain the fire rating of the building element.

Fully certifed to Australian Standards as well as many international standards, these products provide cost effective solutions that are readily available and easy to install, and are available in a variety of fire resistant levels.

These products are suitable for commercial and high rise residential buildings, schools, offices, factories, or wherever fire protection needs to be provided for penetrations passing through fire rated floors and walls.

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Tech sheet Tech sheet description
  Collars and wraps
PAS-01 "CI" cast in fire collars for concrete slabs
PAS-03 "RF" retro fit fire collar (single-fit) for walls and floors
PAS-04 "Pyrorap" flexible fire wrap for walls and floors
PAS-05 "Titan" cast in single fit collar for concrete slabs
PAS-06 "GV" cast in or retro fit fire collar for slabs, masonry and plaster walls
PAS-07 Wraps of Pyropanel intumescent, designed to seal foam insulated metal pipes
PAS-07B Pyropanel RF Collar, designed to seal foam insulated metal pipes
  Sealants and Mortar
PAS-08 Multiflex fire rated acrylic sealant for walls, floors and smaller penetrations
PAS-09 M4 fire rated mortar for larger penetrations in walls and floors
  Fire Pillows and other systems
PAS-11 Rockwool fire pillow for walls and floors
PAS-13 Rockwool fire snake for long penetrations in walls and floors