Pyropanel Fire Rated Access Panels


Pyropanel Access Panels are removable panels that can be installed into most fire rated walls and ceilings where access to services is required.

Pyropanel wall, ceiling and floor access panels are designed to meet the requriements of most applications within modern building design.  Fully certified to Australian Standards and available in a variety of fire resistance levels, these panels provide cost effective solutions that are readily available and easy to install.

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Techsheet Max FRL Thickness  Facing
Wall Panels      
PANEL-01 -/60/60 48 timber/ steel
PANEL-02 -/120/120 48/73 timber/ steel
PANEL-03 -/240/120 48/73 timber/ steel
Lift shaft wall panel      
PANEL-04 -/90/60 48 timber/ steel
Plaster ceiling panel      
PANEL-05 -/60/60 48 timber/ steel
Floor hatch      
PANEL-06 -/240/120 48 timber/ steel