Pyropanel Accessories


Complementing the extensive range of fire and special purpose products, Pyropanel offer a range of accessories and product additions that are fully tested and certified to Australian Standards, as well as many international standards.

These accessories are used to enhance or complete the system approach that Pyropanel takes to ensure total fire protection

Pyropanel are constantly adding and improving the range of products available, so if you are able to find a product that suits your requirments, please do not hesitate to contact Pyropanel direct, or contact any of the licensed Pyropanel distributors.

Click on Techsheet links to download full product data.

Tech sheet Tech sheet description
ACC-01 Lorient Intumescent air grilles for Pyropanel fire rated doors
ACC-02 Pyropanel Auto Bolt latching mechanism for non active leaves in pair configurations
ACC-03 Pyropanel PFS2003 intumescent smoke and fire seal for Pyropanel Fire rated and Life Safety doors
ACC-04 Pyropanel Roller Latch latching mechanism for single and pair configurations
ACC-05 Pyrosill smoke and acoustic threshold seal for acoustic doors
ACC-06 Euroseal integrated perimeter smoke and acoustic seal for fire and life safety doors
ACC-07 Fire rated vision panels for Pyropanel fire rated doors, including impact rated vision panels
ACC-08 Details on approved meeting stiles for pairs of Pyropanel fire rated doors
ACC-09 Door hardware requirements for Pyropanel fire rated doors
ACC-10 Pyropanel security door latch
ACC-11 Pyropanel PY-BS1 Bottom seal
ACC-MD1300 Pyropanel MD1300 closer (Size 2-4)
ACC-LG1500 Pyropanel LG1500 closer (Size 2-6)