New Acoustic Doors

Increased demand from building designers and building end users for improved acoustic performance has created a demand for simpler, cost effective acoustic doors. Pyropanel is pleased to announce the release of new acoustic doors, with simpler construction, improved acoustic properties and available in both non-fire-rated and fire-rated versions (the fire-rated version release date is 1st June 2018).

The acoustic door market has grown significantly as end users demand improved acoustic performance from their buildings.  To accommodate this demand, Pyropanel has re-designed and tested a new acoustic door.  The benefits of the new Pyropanel acoustic door include:

  • Simpler construction methods
  • Approved in timber frames
  • Limited seal combinations to avoid confusion
  • Limited hardware range on fire rated versions
  • Up to 30% lighter construction
  • Fire tested to: AS 1530.4 – 2014, Assessed to BS and SS


Door Model:




Fire Rating

Not fire rated


Acoustic rating




Max size

2340mm x 1020mm

2100mm x 940mm

Nominal thickness





27 kg/m2

34 kg/m2

30 kg/m2

Frame type

Timber and Steel

Timber only

Fire Test Report number


FTC 763

Acoustic Report Reference

SLR 54

SLR 53

Approved wall types

Acoustic rated

Plaster, Masonry, Concrete.


These door types would suit applications including: Residential unit entry doors, Hotel room entry doors, Class rooms, music rooms, meeting rooms

Pyropanel’s acoustic door is available from any of our licenced manufacturers. Please click here to find an approved manufacturer in your state.


Click here to download our Technical Data Sheets:

Fire Rated and Non fire rated acoustic door