Informing our community

For some time Pyropanel has been considering options on the best medium to communicate with the broader community in which it operates in.

With the increasing amounts of information, we needed to provide a medium which cuts through the layers and provides direct links to relevant and pertinent information which audience needs to know.  This online digital platform has been selected as the best tool to disseminate information directly to the broader community which has an interest in designing, specifying and certifying fire rated door systems and passive fire protection.

Our community is not only our direct customers. From a recent survey of the enquiries we receive, we have noticed that most of the enquiries are seeking additional information to complement their involvement in the design, approve, construct and certification process. We have identified the following categories of people who regularly contact Pyropanel.
• Direct Customers
• Indirect Customers
• Architects
• Fire Engineers
• Building Surveyors
• Builders
• Door Installers
• Door Hardware and door accessory suppliers
• Building maintenance professionals
• Trades people
• Building Managers
• Testing authorities
We will attempt to keep the information relevant and only disseminate it to the appropriate categories of people.

If you believe that your area requires more information about a specific product, please email us at with your request and we will endeavour to upload the information to our next news article.

Thank you for your time in reading this article and we do seek your feedback as to the content and relevancy.