Importance of Tested systems

Pyropanel Passive Fire protection systems were exposed to standard fire testing conditions in the Exova test laboratory work-shop to show the importance of using tested systems versus non-rated systems.

The Exova open day work-shop included a Pyropanel Fire door which was tested next to a non-fire rated solid core door.  Many in the industry adhere to the belief that a solid core door is equal to a 30 minute fire door. The work-shop showed that that a solid core door lasted only six minutes when exposed to standard Fire testing conditions.

Various penetration systems such as plastic pipes and cables were also fire tested with and without fire protections systems. The non-protected penetration systems (left side penetrations) appeared close to failure at the end of the eleven minute duration of the work-shop test, which shows the significance of using tested systems versus non-tested systems.

Before and After Test