Fire Rated Frame Filling consolidated into one approval

The requirement of whether back filling of frames is required or not has been on the agenda for some time now. In 2015, Pyropanel took a position to only recommend that all pressed metal door frames are backfilled. Whilst this provided direction to instilling industry best practices, it did create more questions as to how to properly back fill a frame as per fire test and how that frame is connected to the walling system. This is becoming a significant compliance issue on new projects.

Over recent months, we have seen an increase in requests from various people in the design, certification and inspection stages of a building to view test reports showing how particular installations were tested.  This information is extremely confusing and at times only qualified and experienced people should interpret test reports.  Pyropanel has been testing fire door assemblies since 1985, so one can imagine our database of different test configurations, wall types and the like is extensive.

 In order to simplify the frame filling and fixing details, Pyropanel has engaged BRANZ to prepare one summary document based on multiple full scale fire tests in order to consolidate the test results into one easy to read document.

 Whilst there are various products in the market claiming to provide the necessary insulation values, it is imperative that the “claimed” insulation value be in the open-out orientation (ie door opening away from the fire).  Insulation measurement conducted in the open-in orientation only provides a misleading result and is not in accordance with AS 1530.4-2005 or 2015 versions.

 This assessment is now complete and available for viewing and using in your building designs.  By using this assessment in preparing your fire door details, you can be assured that what is proposed satisfies the Insulation and frame fixing details required by AS 1530.4 – 2015.

 It is worth noting that the details in the assessment are only applicable to Pyropanel door-sets, not those of any other manufacturer.  Pyropanel does not warrant nor provide advice supporting products it has not tested.

To obtain your copy of this approval, please contact Pyropanel (note, you must be a subscriber to receive your controlled copy of the approval).

 Example of frame installation